In this article we will cover:

  • Do you need liquidity and are you looking for a type of fast financing that requires few documents?
  • Are you convinced that the personal loan is the solution that best meets your needs?

So it is important that you know that if you work as an employee or receive a pension, today you can get the amount you need quickly and producing only two documents even with the assignment of the fifth.


If it is true that a traditional loan like a personal loan, offers you the opportunity to receive the money you need in a short time, the sale of the fifth today is a valid choice that, in addition to tight delivery times, guarantees you many more benefits and the presentation of only personal and income documents.

Before clarifying how it is possible to obtain it and highlight its other strengths, we spend a few words to provide greater knowledge of the assignment of the fifth.


As previously mentioned, it is a type of loan that can be requested only by those who have a paycheck or a pension and its main feature is to return it with monthly installments withheld directly from the salary / net pension received, the amount of which can not exceed the fifth of the same.

Let’s see a numerical example purely indicative:

If the net monthly income is equal to 2000 euros, therefore the maximum rate that can be incurred will be 400 euros.

The estimate must take into account this data, as well as the contribution age and age of the applicant.

In addition, the assignment of the fifth has a maximum duration of ten years, allows for higher amounts compared to the personal loan, provides life insurance coverage and loss of employment included in the installments, is accessible, even if other loans are in progress, if is protested, foreclosures and bad payers, does not require other guarantees, mortgages and it is possible to have it even in the absence of a countercurrent.

The documents necessary to request it are:

  • Personal Identities (Identity and Health Card)
  • Redditiums (Paycheck or Pension Board)
  • Certificate of salary / transferable quota issued by the Administration of belonging / Pension institution (The most structured and financed Financial Agencies usually organized by a delegation of the client are to assist him entirely on obtaining the document in quick timings)

Once this documentation has been obtained, the Financial Agency prepares the estimate to be submitted to the customer and upon its acceptance provides for the preliminary investigation.

This is followed by the resolution, the signature of the contract and the notification of the same to the employer, who in turn will countersign him together with the approval , accepting the deduction of the relative installment on the paycheck (pension) from the following month and to send it again to the financial company; at this point the loan can be granted.


Do not be frightened by the procedure you just read, it seems long but in reality, it is not; in fact, requesting a transfer of the fifth today is much simpler and faster than you can imagine, just rely on a contracted agency to get immediately the liquidity you need, simply by submitting:

  • ID card and health card
  • Paycheck/pension slip.

In fact, thanks to the agreements with public and private bodies, as well as with the pension, it is able to reduce the timing of loan disbursement, personally dealing with the request for a salary certificate (for employees) or transferable quota ( for pensioners).

In particular, for the category of INPS pensioners, this agreement allows direct access to the Entity website and download the transferable portion of the applicant.

A very important added value, which makes it possible to obtain an instant approval loan even in just one day.

The advantages in addressing an “Organized and Structured” Financial Activity Agency do not end here, in fact, thanks to it are guaranteed:

  • Total support and availability on site, at the customer’s home and by telephone
  • Transparent and competent advice to find the best solution for the customer
  • Assistance for the duration of the loan
  • Disbursement facilitated in the execution times

These are fundamental aspects that help to choose better financing, even in terms of the right conditions that are often strictly related to the protection of insurance coverage. In fact, the evaluation phase of the insurance company that can be used for each individual case is decisive. It is, in fact, the correct identification of the criterion of insurance assumability of a specific medical pathology, rather than of the risk of death caused by age or other factors, which determines the timing and the benefit of the outcome of the practice.

Relying on a Financial Advisor accredited as an Agent registered with the OAM Agents and Ombudsmen’s Office, verifying its Registration number, its competence, and its organizational structure becomes the reason for best service. This also applies after having signed a contract, because the subsequent management always requires the maximum availability and attention in respecting the agreed agreements, both in the agreed economic conditions (TAN and APR), and in the pre-established time (punctuality delivery) and especially in the sums counted (net amounts paid).